“Here Comes The Easter Cat” by Deborah Underwood, Illustrated by Claudia Rueda


Today’s entry will be brief. Why? Because even cats need vacations.

This blog has been a momentous and ambitious undertaking – my sharing of a feline perspective on literature (and all media, really) with humans is unprecedented. I have sacrificed many a nap in many a sunbeam to read these books and write these posts. Too many, some cats might say! But I do it for you, humans. I do it all for you. So, yes. For all my ambition and drive, I deserve a break.

After all, it is the way of felines to be ambitious; and the titular hero of this book is a credit to his species in that regard.


This noble cat, known only as “Cat,” witnesses the undeserved glory and honour lavished upon the so-called “Easter Bunny” and cries out “NO MORE!” Cat resolves to do what he can to topple this false idol and expose him for what he is – a prey animal, unfit to receive the adulation of the masses and inefficient at that.

But all is not mice and roses for Cat, because the task he determines to undertake may cost him more than he – more than any cat! – could ever be expected to sacrifice.


Will Cat make this sacrifice? Will he topple the “Easter Bunny” and make felines synonymous with the holiday? Or will he balk at the bitter cup and turn away?

I won’t spoil the ending for you, friends, but know this – Cat is a paragon of felinity, and he does not believe in the “No-Win” scenario. Cat, my dear readers, finds a wiser way!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Next Monday I will return to my regular novel reviews. But for now, I must rest!

Pictured: A well-deserved rest for your blogger!

Pictured: A well-deserved rest for your blogger!


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